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Memory Loss Coaching

We are excited to let you know that Liz von Wellsheim, GNP, is now providing memory loss coaching.

Memory Loss Coaching Flier_2017

Sweetheart Party

This week we enjoyed a wonderful celebration with sweethearts, family and friends. Thank you to all that could join us for our annual Sweetheart Party.



Food, Friends & Fun at EHL!

We’ve been cooking up a storm in our kitchens this month!  Stay tuned for revamped menus and upgraded recipe books with step-by-step pictures coming in March.



Winter Menus!

ElderHealth & Living has made the switch to our wonderful Winter Menus.  See a sample menu below:


Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser!


Our Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser for The Walk to End Alzheimer’s was great fun and a great success! Thank you for all that came out, we raised over $2500!!

News from The Club


October marks the one-year anniversary of the opening of The Club, our adult day health program for persons with memory loss. We have had a full year of great activities, outings, art, singing, dancing, and laughter. We enjoy our weekly outings, with some favorite locations being Shari’s for pie, golf putting at Oakway Golf Club, and Frisbee in the park. Popular activities include weekly art classes, bingo, ping-pong, and sing-a-longs.  The Club at ElderHealth & Living has around 15 members that have become a wonderful group of friends, enjoying each other’s company, socializing while visiting over the paper with coffee in the morning, and making for a lively group for games and activities in the afternoon. The Club is a wonderful addition to the EHL community and we look forward to many more adventures and good times ahead, with new and old friends alike.

For more information about The Club, contact Bridget @ 541.747.1755

Song, Dance & Laughter

Nurse Dave & Two Residents Enjoying Song, Dance & Laughter

Our wonderful medical team here at EHL always goes above and beyond and we really appreciate them.  Nurse Dave, one of our Health Services Coordinators, loves to take the time to talk, sing and dance to a good tune with our residents, as he makes his rounds on campus.  Music is very important, as it creates positive interactions, promotes gentle exercise, helps alter mood and reduces stress.  We here at EHL highly recommend music and dance everyday.

The Park @ ElderHealth & Living


So, what is happening in the old meadow? We are building an interactive park for persons with memory loss.  When it is all done, there will be a covered pavilion with a roof that opens and closes to allow folks to sit out there and visit without getting too hot or too wet.  The path, made out of recycled tires and water permeable material, has a handrail on one side and will have garden boxes, rocks and other fun objects to look at and touch.  We will have more trees, flowers, shrubbery and other plants by next summer.  Soon, the whole park will have wrought iron fencing to allow for security and optimal visibility.  Lastly, along the back wall, we have our beautiful mural painted by Roma Gilman with help from our own Felipe Jimenez.

Music in the Meadow @ EHL


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our annual Music in the Meadow event in July!  We had such a wonderful evening of beautiful music, good food and great company.  It was fabulous to see so many family members and residents together and a wonderful opportunity for us all to come together as a community.  Special thanks to Mucho Gusto for the great food and our own Michael Hall, Sherron Swenson and Shelly Emerson for the wonderful music and entertainment.  We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Here is part 3 to our blog series by Liz von Wellsheim on how to have a successful visit with your loved on who is living with Lewy Body Dementia. You can view our other blog posts on successful visits with persons with Alzheimer’s and persons with Vascular Dementia.

Lewy Body Dementia starts with more physical symptoms than other types of dementia. The symptoms most closely resemble those seen with persons who have Parkinson’s disease; difficulty with coordination and balance. In addition to these Parkinson’s like symptoms there are memory loss issues.

As the disease progresses the Parkinson’s like features will become more prominent and the risk of falling becomes a concern earlier in their type of dementia than Alzheimer’s. There are also higher incidences of visual hallucinations and delusions with Lewy Body Dementia than Alzheimer’s style dementia.

To reduce hallucinations with Lewy Body Dementia, it is helpful to interact in well-lit places and reassure the person with Lewy Body Dementia that you believe their delusion and will take care of their concerns. For example if the person  believes people are trying to steal from them, help them find ways to protect their possessions by using locks and let them know you are investigating and dealing with whatever issue is concerning them.