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Staff Spotlight: Meet Amee

“Sunday Blues” is a term psychologists coined to describe the dread and anxiety that many people feel on the eve before the work week. However, we believe the cure in this infliction lies in finding something that you love to do.


Meet Amee Hughey…the love and dedication she has for her job and this facility makes us almost think that “Sunday Blues” could never exist. Amee, for those of you who may not know, is the Administrator here at ElderHealth & Living. She oversees pretty much everything that happens on campus. She takes note of changes or improvements needed here on campus, and there is not much that occurs that she isn’t aware of. This may be because of her long standing commitment to EHL, staff, families, and most of all the residents who live here. Interesting fact about Amee: she has held almost every single job title at EHL! Phew, that in itself is impressive. Since her hire date in 2006, Amee has dedicated herself to our model of “Person-Centered Care”.


So how does one start out in a Direct Care Staff position and progress to the Administrator of the company? Well, after being promoted from Direct Care Staff to Resident Coordinator, Amee began to take on even more projects and enjoyed the challenge in doing so. Amee herself said, “I began to love not only focusing on small detailed tasks but looking at the global picture of EHL, reviewing our systems, helping to fix and create better ones which directly impacts our residents quality of life and our staff’s wellbeing and sense of belonging to our family at EHL.” If you know Amee, than you know that her attention to detail and organizational skills are impeccable.


Amee grew up here in Springfield, Oregon. She moved around some but always came back because in her words, “This is my home.” Coming from a long line of strong women who are artists, musicians, writers, and even carpenters, we can see where Amee gets her creative and ingenious personality. As an artist herself, she spends most of her free time envisioning and creating one-of-a kind pieces of art. When Amee isn’t composing a new project she is often backpacking and discovering the remote places of Oregon with her significant other and their long-haired Akita dog named Cinco, whom she adopted from a resident at EHL. It would be a shame if we also didn’t mention Professor Mister, Amee’s goldfish, who she also adores but we don’t have to explain why he has to stay home. Music is a huge part of Amee’s life as well, which is why if you were a fly on her wall at home you would likely see her partner playing his guitar, with Amee singing and Cinco and Professor Mister at her side.

If you work in healthcare of any sort you know how demanding this career path can sometimes be. However, Amee said it best, saying “It can be challenging to navigate the always changing world of healthcare, regulations, and rules that we must operate by but I feel most satisfied when I walk into the homes to visit the residents and staff and see so many moving and wonderful interactions. I have shared so many wonderful stories, dances, laughs, hugs, and even tears. Our residents are all so inspiring and amazing human beings, they continuously remind me to cherish each day as a gift and live life to my fullest potential.” Amee, like most of us here, truly feels like she is part of something special. We are all a small piece of EHL that together creates joyous outcomes and happiness for our residents, families, and staff.

As you continue your day, just remember the “Sunday Blues” and take inspiration to do something that you love, make an impact, and thrive. Amee’s advice to those who might choose a career in Memory Loss would be, “Be ready to laugh and be silly, keep an open mind and be ready to listen and learn.” We at ElderHealth & Living do not know what we would do without the spirt of such a strong, smart, artistic, and kindhearted human being like Amee as our leader. -Brandi Yanez


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