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Creating Joy

  For people living with memory loss, having moments of joy in their day is an important way to combat frustration, anxiousness, and/or boredom. For family members and caregivers it can sometimes be a challenge to find fun or enjoyable events that a loved one with memory loss can still enjoy. Often what it takes [...]

Sweetheart Party

This week we enjoyed a wonderful celebration with sweethearts, family and friends. Thank you to all that could join us for our annual Sweetheart Party.  

Food, Friends & Fun at EHL!

We’ve been cooking up a storm in our kitchens this month!  Stay tuned for revamped menus and upgraded recipe books with step-by-step pictures coming in March.  

The Park @ ElderHealth & Living

So, what is happening in the old meadow? We are building an interactive park for persons with memory loss.  When it is all done, there will be a covered pavilion with a roof that opens and closes to allow folks to sit out there and visit without getting too hot or too wet.  The path, [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!

What’s better than eating a bowl of Colcannon and singing an Irish tune? Doing both at the Blarney Party! Last week, the residents at Cedar House celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day with songs, food, and games. The recreation staff played traditional songs like “Oh Danny Boy” and “When Irish Eyes are Smiling Eyes.” The residents enjoyed [...]

Active Residents = Healthy Residents

One of our goals at ElderHealth & Living is making sure residents feel they are a part of their home. To accomplish this goal, our staff encourages all residents to stay active by assisting with basic household tasks, such as cleaning up after meals, doing dishes, sweeping, folding laundry and, helping with the recycling. Many [...]

Animal Therapy: Buddy the Miniature Horse

We have a new pet therapist on campus! Vickie Fowler, ElderHealth & Living’s resident hair stylist and her miniature foal quarter horse, Buddy, visited our residential homes for the first time over the holidays. Buddy was decked out like a little Santa and made us melt! He greeted our elderly residents by nudging their hands [...]

Residents take us to Hawaii

This month the Mt. Hood Home hosted a Travelogue to Hawaii with a wonderful guest speaker and expert resident who lived in Hawaii for many years. Residents dressed up, sang, laughed and danced to Pearly Shells, a popular modern Hawaiian song. Our Recreation staff taught the Hukilau (a historical Hawaiian song and dance) and our [...]

Finding meaningful ways to keep the men of our campus engaged can be challenging but not impossible. While men will usually help out around the house we find engaging them in more meaningful things can help improve mood, cognition and maintain function longer. At ElderHealth & Living our Memory Loss Solutions team is very creative [...]

You might be thinking, “what does Ping-Pong, also known as table tennis, have to do with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia?” To put it simply, making lifestyle choices that keep you physically, mentally, and socially active helps to improve your overall brain health as you get older. Our bodies, even more mature ones, are [...]