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Health & Wellness

Memory Loss Coaching

We are excited to let you know that Liz von Wellsheim, GNP, is now providing memory loss coaching.

Food, Friends & Fun at EHL!

We’ve been cooking up a storm in our kitchens this month!  Stay tuned for revamped menus and upgraded recipe books with step-by-step pictures coming in March.  

News from The Club

October marks the one-year anniversary of the opening of The Club, our adult day health program for persons with memory loss. We have had a full year of great activities, outings, art, singing, dancing, and laughter. We enjoy our weekly outings, with some favorite locations being Shari’s for pie, golf putting at Oakway Golf Club, [...]

Song, Dance & Laughter

Our wonderful medical team here at EHL always goes above and beyond and we really appreciate them.  Nurse Dave, one of our Health Services Coordinators, loves to take the time to talk, sing and dance to a good tune with our residents, as he makes his rounds on campus.  Music is very important, as it creates positive interactions, [...]

The Park @ ElderHealth & Living

So, what is happening in the old meadow? We are building an interactive park for persons with memory loss.  When it is all done, there will be a covered pavilion with a roof that opens and closes to allow folks to sit out there and visit without getting too hot or too wet.  The path, [...]

New Winter Menu!

ElderHealth & Living has made the switch to our NEW Winter Menus!   We have swapped out our seasonal summer vegetables for a winter selection that includes: Beets, Winter Squash, Kohlrabi, Collared Greens, Kale, Brussels Sprouts and more! Our new menus feature home-style favorites with a seasonal/healthy twist and  Meatless Mondays! —we’ll be serving all vegetarian meals [...]

50-Mile Thanksgiving Meal

At ElderHealth & Living, we are committed to making holiday meals special for our residents.   To us, this means serving traditional dishes made with high quality and local ingredients.  For the holidays, we strive to source all ingredients from local farmers and businesses within 50- miles.   This Thanksgiving, our turkeys were raised on pastures [...]

Fall Wellness Challenge

With Fall having officially arrived, we here at ElderHealth & Living are ready to start a new Wellness Challenge. This challenge will be different from our previous challenge’s in two ways: it’s based on points earned for a variety of activities and it encourages our staff to improve all facets of their lives in small, [...]

ElderHealth & Living’s Community Wellness Program has begun our first 30-day challenge, Get FIT! The Challenge started February, 15, and runs for 30 days until March 17. The goal of this challenge is to encourage everyone to stay active.  The entire EHL community is encouraged to join! Get FIT! Challenge Rules If you meet all [...]

We value mealtime here at ElderHealth & Living. We believe that coming together to share a meal creates a sense of family and community. Our sustainable food practices and Harvest of the Month program has our residents eating local, healthy, and fresh food all year long. In support of these goals, we are committed to [...]