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Adult Day Care – ‘The Club’



Are you coping or caring for someone with memory loss?  Do you need a break?

‘The Club’ is an Adult Day Health Program for persons with memory loss.  While you get a much needed break, your loved one will be engaged in activities that stimulate their mind and body.

Why do I need a break?

All caregivers need routine breaks to allow themselves time to “fill their own tanks back up.”  Research shows caregivers that receive predictable breaks are more successful at providing care to their loved one, for a longer period of time, than those that do not get routine breaks.

What happens at ‘The Club’?

Each member of ‘The Club’ has some memory loss and activities are tailored to their abilities and interests.

Club Members benefit from:

  • Social engagement with peers
  • Activities that stimulate cognition / brain function
  • Creative arts & crafts
  • Community trips
  • Exercise; dancing, walking, resistance training, stretching…
  • Music enrichment activities



‘The Club’ Hours:

8:00am – 5:00pm / Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday


There is a $200 registration fee.

For information about ‘The Club’ or to request a tour, call:

Bridget Kronholm, Club Coordinator

382 B South 58th Street, Springfield, OR 97478