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541.747.4858 | SPRINGFIELD, OR

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What is Memory Loss Solutions?

Staff with residentIn 2006, Liz von Wellsheim, Nancy Koll, and Ronda Perkins joined their experiences in nursing, management, and memory care to create a thriving residential care community and health center for persons with memory loss.

ElderHealth & Living’s unique campus design, made up of nine homes that accommodate 10-11 residents each, allows our staff to develop a relationship with each resident, learn their daily routines, and understand their needs through the progression of memory loss. By seeing each person as an individual, we use their strengths and interests to provide the best care possible.

Liz von Wellsheim’s Upcoming Seminars & Talks

“Innovative Ways to Manage Reactive Behaviors”
June 6th, 11-12:30pm
Tuality Center for Geriatric Psychiatry in Forest Grove, Oregon

“Dementia, Pain Management, Sex and More!”
June 28th, 8am-5pm
Alliance for Gerontology, Bend, Oregon

For more information contact Alayna at 541.747.4858

“When I now refer patients and their families, my most common comment is ‘Liz and her staff walk on water’ and that they saved my sanity if not my life.”

— Christy Horton, MD