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Who we are

What is ElderHealth & Living Memory Village?


We are a village where older adults with memory loss gather; some come for visits and others live here.  We are a small, close-knit community where people care about each other.  We provide comfort and nurturing to persons with memory loss.  Our memory village offers an enjoyable place to visit, onsite medical care, gardens to walk through, activities to meet varied interests and homes that are familiar and welcoming.

  • Memory Care Homes
    • Our village has nine homes each with central open kitchens and outdoor spaces accommodating 10 to 11 residents.  Each home is truly a home. People are not separated in apartments or secluded in bedrooms but live in a family environment, participating in cooking, cleaning, stacking wood, and other chores maintaining their sense of purpose and dignity.   Our staff provide compassionate and nurturing care fostering each person’s strengths and interests as their memory declines.
  • Adult Day Programs – 
    • The Club is a day program for persons with memory loss still living in their own home.  This program provides caregivers a break while their loved one is engaged in activities that stimulate cognition and brain function, creative arts & crafts, exercise for healthy living, music enrichment activities and social engagement.
    • Adult Daycare is a program for persons with memory loss still living at home who need help with personal care and who’s care partner needs a break. This program offers  help with showers, grooming and enjoyable activities.
    • The Respite Program allows persons with memory loss to stay overnight for one night or a few weeks.
  • Memory Loss Coaching
    • Liz von Wellsheim, MSN, MA, GNP provides memory loss coaching for families dealing with a diagnosis of memory loss to help create a road map for the future.
  • Support Groups & Trainings
    • Support Groups and educational trainings are offered for family members, caregivers, medical professionals and the general public. The Living With Memory Loss series is a ten week class offered three times a year.

memory loss care

Memory Loss Care

“When I now refer patients and their families, my most common comment is ‘Liz and her staff walk on water’ and that they saved my sanity if not my life.”

— Christy Horton, MD