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Successful visits with persons with Vascular Dementia

In our last blog we gave some tips on how to interact with your loved on with Alzheimer’s. This blog has tips on how to successfully interact with your loved one who has Vascular Dementia.

People with Vascular Dementia often have problems initiating an activity and may become anxious or apathetic about tasks that used to be routine. “Getting started” is difficult and it is helpful to be their “cheerleader” with a bubbly personality to encourage them to engage in an activity or even to reminisce. When you remind them about their past, it can help with retrieving memories and starting conversations.

When visiting your loved one with Vascular Dementia, Liz von Wellsheim suggests that you allow them time to respond. Be encouraging and bring things to look at and read together. Even if they don’t understand your words, your tone of voice and body language can provide reassurance to them.

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