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Family letter to ElderHealth & Living

Here is a letter written to ElderHealth & Living from the wife of our resident, Michael Paladijczuk of the Diamond Peak Home. Shari was our featured family member for the Month of July.

Shari & Mike Paladijczuk

Where do I begin? Michael has been at Diamond Peak for about a year and a half now, and I continue to be impressed, amazed, and surprised with the day time staff: Margie, Barbara, Nicole, Louis, Kris, and of course Sharon who keeps everyone in line…including me!

Margie is doing an awesome job in her new position, taking to it like a duck take to water. I love watching her with the residents, how she is able to help them calm down and de-stress. Barbara does a wonderful job relating and interacting with the residents in recreation activities and talking with them in an understanding way to encourage positive behavior. Nichole is such a delight and is so much fun to watch as she related and interacts with the residents. She’s a hard worker, and I appreciate her commitment and “can do” attitude.

Thanks to Louis’ barbering skills, Michael has no more “bad hair” days! He keeps a sharp eye on Michael’s hair and knows when it needs a trim. He is also amazing with the residents as he interacts with them. Kris is such a delight and is so willing and able to help do whatever needs doing. He’s a ray of sunshine in my day when I come see Michael. I always look forward to the weekends that Kris works when I take Michael out on Sunday because he is usually the one who gets to get Michael dressed and ready in his “goin’ to town” clothes. He takes such time and care to have Michael looking the best for his ‘bride’, from shaving him, cleaning his face, and his ears and even putting cologne on him. Kris does it all…and my man is looking good when I get there!

Sharon is one of a kind; she is such an amazing manager and trainer. I continue to be amazed and impressed with everything she is able to get done. In fact, sometimes, she makes me tired just watching her! She has been such a tremendous support and encouragement to me.

I wanted you all to know just what an amazing, awesome staff you have at Diamond Peak, from the point of view of a family member of one of your residents. I know firsthand what I’m talking about because I’m there every other day most of the afternoon, 3-4 hours, visiting with my precious husband, Michael. I also enjoy loving and interacting with the other residents, playing games or just horsing around with them. They are just joy to be around.

The buck stops with the administration, and what I have shared about Diamond Peak all reflects back on you all! I sincerely thank you all!

Most Sincerely,

Shari Paladijczuk

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