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Recreation Program

Our recreation program plays a vital role in improving the overall well-being of persons with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Each activity is tailored to meet the individual needs of the residents living on our campus through all the stages of memory loss.


Many activities are hands-on, like our gardening club.

Garden Club: Residents feel a sense of pride in the planning, planting, maintenance, and harvesting of our flower, herb, and vegetable gardens.

Rise & Shine: We get the day going with exercises for the mind and body, short sing-a-longs, and reminiscing.

Resident enjoying painting class at one of our homes.

Sing-a-long: Our homes come alive every week with live guitar playing and singing old-time favorites.

Sunday Spirit: Spiritually focused groups are offered where our residents can pray, read from scripture, and sing gospel music together.

Afternoon Bingo: Bingo is a favorite among our residents (maybe it’s the prizes)! We offer two bingo activities each week.

Friday Entertainment: We like to live it up a little on Fridays by hosting parties, local musicians and entertainers, botanists and art therapists.

Scenic Drive: Residents sit back and enjoy guided scenic drives through town and outlying areas of Lane County.

Resident tending the garden.

Community Walks: Residents who enjoy getting out and about, and those working to increase their strength, take walks around our campus.

Moving to Music: Regular exercise helps maintain function. We use music to inspire movement such as dance, aerobics, yoga, and other simple exercises.

Companion Visits: Recreation staff spend focused one-on-one time with residents who prefer small, quiet, social settings.

Travelogue: We travel to a resident’s hometown or place of interest via films, literature and stories, and sample foods specific to that region.