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Our Staff

What really makes us exceptional is our staff. From our caregivers to resident coordinators and other personnel, we have an enthusiastic group of dedicated people who really enjoy what they do. We firmly believe in treating our staff with respect and appreciation, and in turn, they give us the best they’ve got. Some of our staff have been working on this campus for over a decade! We want to build a sense of family and community among both staff and residents.

I love working here! The term “team” really means that we work together and support each other to provide excellent care. We function like a family. — Susie Ray, Family Services Coordinator

Each of our nine homes is run by a Resident Coordinator, who is responsible for overseeing the care of residents, training and supervision of their staff, food services, recreational activities, and generally keeping everything going smoothly.

All of our staff attend regular educational workshops to expand their knowledge of memory loss issues and to keep current with the most recent advances in this area.

Meet the Staff

Each home is managed by a resident coordinator who is responsible for coordinating the care and services provided to residents, working with families and staff, and generally keeping everything running smoothly.

Resident Coordinators and Team Leads

  • The Aspen Home: Chelsea Brown
  • The Birch Home: Dee Dee Reed
  • The Cascade Home: Barb Suchanek
  • The Cedar Home: Evette Schnee
  • The Diamond Peak Home: Sharon Durrant
  • The Mt. Hood Home: Margie Cantwell
  • The Mt. Vernon Home: Vanesa Cervantes
  • The Redwood Home: Jackie Morrison
  • The Willow Home: Destiny Pate
  • Summit Residential South:  Katy Clifford, RN

Resident and EHL Resident Coordinator



  • Chief Financial Officer: Nancy Koll
  • Administrator: Amee Hughey
  • Administrative Assistants: Riley Campbell
  • Administrative Assistants: Annie Foshay
  • Community Coordinator:  Bridget Kronholm
  • Recreation Coordinator: Zoe Demant
  • Family Services Coordinator: Susie Ray
  • Family Services Coordinator: Brandi Yanez
  • Human Resources Coordinator: Amber Sinnett
  • Human Resources Assistant:  Marianne Bragg
  • IT Communications Assistant: Annie Foshay

Dave Henry & Susie Ray


  • Medical Director & CEO: Liz von Wellsheim, GNP
  • Family Nurse Practitioner: Dawn Brown, FNP
  • Health Services Coordinator: Dave Henry, LPN
  • Health Services Coordinator: Molly Haxby, LPN
  • Medical Office Coordinator: Alayna Harris
  • Shift Supervisor Coordinator:  Kiera Beyer
  • Shift Supervisor:  Megan Johnson
  • Shift Supervisor:  Amanda Hartzo


  • Food & Supply Coordinator: Lorrie Mattocks
  • Maintenance Coordinator: Travis Sutherland
  • Special Projects Coordinator: Gene Koll