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541.747.4858 | SPRINGFIELD, OR

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About the Owners

Who are we?


Nancy Koll & Liz von Wellsheim

We are on-site operators with extensive experience providing care on this campus and in our community. Our diverse backgrounds (geriatric medicine, fiscal management, and residential care administration) make for a perfect blend of talents and skills.

We are not investors. This business is our dream. We work together with an outstanding staff, build warm, caring relationships with our residents, work to transform this campus into the best it can be, and extend services into the Eugene/Springfield community. This is what it’s all about for us. We’re doing what we love.

Nancy Koll worked with the original campus as far back as 1987. She helped design the facility’s operational model, worked as the Nurse/Administrator, and later became Vice President of Operations. As Administrator and Chief Financial Officer of ElderHealth & Living, Nancy now oversees the fiscal and business operations, campus development, and maintenance for the company.

Liz von Wellsheim worked with Nancy Koll on the development and ongoing program design of this campus when the homes were first being built in 1987. Liz is respected as an expert in healthcare for persons with memory loss and is involved in state and national organizations. As Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer for ElderHealth & Living, Liz now oversees the medical and nursing needs of the campus, and sees each new resident for a comprehensive assessment prior to moving into one of our homes. Liz also provides memory loss coaching for families dealing with a diagnosis of memory loss. She also provides educational seminars to our staff and to our community, for both professionals and lay persons working with memory loss issues.

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