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Staying busy and active with Alzheimer’s and related Dementias

Using all the tools in the toolbox to help men with memory loss
Finding meaningful ways to keep the men of our campus engaged can be challenging but not impossible. While men will usually help out around the house we find engaging them in more meaningful things can help improve mood, cognition and maintain function longer. At ElderHealth & Living our Memory Loss Solutions team is very creative in finding ways to keep our men active and busy throughout the day.

Other ways we keep our residents active

• Help the maintenance staff with projects such as recycling and organizing tools.
• Reminisce about tools, cars, fishing and other interests.
• Look under the hood of a vehicle, check the tire pressure, and lights.
• Hang out at the maintenance shop, engage in conversation, and allow the resident to “give advice.”
• Help with deliveries to homes and office areas.
• Help with gardening and plant care.

When persons with memory loss diseases such as Alzheimer’s or other dementia’s are involved and engaged in their lifetime hobbies and activities they usually require fewer medications to cope with the anxiety and frustrations associated with loss of mental function.

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