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Interacting with your loved one with Alzheimer’s

You may have missed the excerpts in our monthly newsletters written by, Liz von Wellsheim, GNP about a few common forms of Dementia and tips on how to interact with your loved one with memory loss. Although there are many similarities each type of dementia is unique. Dementia is not a specific disease; it’s the overall term used to describe a wide range of memory loss diseases. Each type of memory loss disease requires different approaches for a successful visit.

Alzheimer’s type dementia is one of many forms of dementia. Those who are living with Alzheimer’s will not always remember recent events, and live in the present moment. At times they may recall things that occurred long ago, like early childhood, but not what happened a few moments ago. In conversations even if they don’t understand your words, your tone of voice and body language can provide reassurance to them.

People with Alzheimer’s are often very busy. Many times they are on a mission to complete something or get somewhere. Because they are constantly moving, the best way to spend time with them is by putting on your walking shoes, get into their world and just go with it!

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  • Elizabeth Loux June 4, 2014, 1:27 pm

    This is really helpful! Its so nice to get bite-sized bits of information like this that I can quickly put into practice. Thanks for this.

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