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Letter from Beth’s Daughter

Dear ElderHealth & Living Staff,


I cannot say enough wonderful things about ElderHealth & Living. It was a long journey to find such a place for our mother, but once we did, we all had a huge sigh of relief. Everything she needed was available in one place- from medical to social. We were so lucky and so grateful when we found ElderHealth & Living.

My first contact with Liz, at the transition intake meeting, gave me such peace. I still remember Liz saying to me, “Your Mom has been wandering trying to find her home, from what I have heard her “home” is in New Mexico.” It didn’t occur to me that Mom would have that passion for one place would be noted so quickly, by someone who had never met my mother, showed me how perceptive and wise the founders of ElderHealth & Living were.


Every time I visit I am in awe of how hard everyone works, but they do it all with love, empathy, holistic understanding of each unique person’s needs and are so amazingly patient. Yet it is not just the people who work in the house but also everyone who comes in from elsewhere, special projects, recreation, and nursing, everyone knows each resident’s name and their little personality quirks, interests and needs. This contributes even more to the people centered, community based neighborhood feel at ElderHealth & Living.


I am impressed with the fact you are seeking to be environmentally aware and seek out local sources of food. You are able to change and adapt the way things are done at ElderHealth & Living and care for the environment and the ongoing health of everyone at ElderHealth & Living, staff and residents. Your recreation program is so rich and varied. I found out, very surprisingly, that my mother has great hand eye coordination when they play balloon bat. I also wanted to commend the staff for always helping my Mom look quite classy when I see her in coordinated outfits, complete with her beloved lipstick.


I say this because I look at ElderHealth & Living as being a developmental and person centered place for my mother and all the other people with memory loss or a significant need to live with assistance. It truly is ElderHealth & Living’s mission and task to get to know each person individually to provide the best quality of care.


With all due respect and gratitude for caring for my mother and honoring her life,

Susan Ventura (for the family)

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  • Linda Hodgert December 19, 2013, 12:23 pm

    I couldn’t have said it better. I am so thankful my Mom is so lovingly carried for at EHL.

  • Bonnie Butaud January 8, 2014, 10:09 am

    I absolutely agree with everything that Sue has said. I couldn’t have put it in better words. I’m looking forward to having my mom, Dee Elliott, in Redwood have a long life right where she is. She couldn’t be better taken care of or happier. Love everything about EHL.

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