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Creating Joy


For people living with memory loss, having moments of joy in their day is an important way to combat frustration, anxiousness, and/or boredom. For family members and caregivers it can sometimes be a challenge to find fun or enjoyable events that a loved one with memory loss can still enjoy. Often what it takes is redefining a fun event. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate party or outing, as that can often be overwhelming for the person. Looking for simpler ways to create moments of joy can be more successful and have a big benefit. Pleasant activities that people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia might enjoy could include going for a short walk and looking at nature, singing, having a snack, or going for a scenic drive.


From daily van rides, afternoon activities, and sing-a-longs, to walks around campus and our park, EHL is committed to finding ways to create joy for our residents on a daily basis. Lifting their spirits and putting a smile on their face is our goal, whether a resident is attending a performance by Elvis, having their nails done or hair combed, or sharing a snack or meal, we are always looking for those moments of joy.



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