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Communication solutions for those with Memory Loss and other Dementias

Many people find it challenging to have a meaningful conversation with people with memory loss or other dementia’s, especially if you did not know the person before he/she was diagnosed with a dementia disease.

ElderHealth & Living’s Memory Loss Solutions team has

come up with yet another brilliant idea!


Larry's Name Tag

Residents and family members will join the team in wearing personalized name tags to help build relationships. The resident name tag is laminated on lime green paper for best visibility and has the resident’s name and 3 fun facts about them!


The 3 fun facts can include anything from “songwriter” to “roller skating queen” to “long truck driver” or “concert pianist” – mostly, we want these facts to convey how each resident lived and what was most important to them before their memory loss disease.


This new conversation-starting tool has been tested at the Birch Home and has been a great success! The name tags have helped the residents at the Birch Home get to know each other and start conversations – from talking about music to comparing experiences working as loggers or homemakers.


Jackie, the Resident Coordinator of the Birch Home, says the residents love talking around the dinner table now, pointing out things others have in common, reminiscing, and talking about their lives.


We will be rolling this out to all homes at ElderHealth & Living within the next few months.


Liz notes that, “this simple system has been created to improve resident-to-resident connections and staff and visitor connections as well, to build more of a family in each home.”


Starting soon, each family or friend visiting will be asked if they would like to participate by wearing a yellow or orange name tag with their name and their connection to a resident listed. This will not only foster some good ol’ Duck vs Beaver conversations but will also allow staff to get to know families better.


Our staff will also be joining in on the fun!

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  • Lynda Jones November 20, 2013, 9:50 am

    I absolutely love this idea. It will make it much easier for visitors to know who our loved ones are living with, and help us to learn their names.

    My Father is Ronald, from the Diamond Peak House.

  • Mary Schleining November 20, 2013, 5:15 pm

    I also LOVE this idea. ElderHealth, once again you have set yourselves apart from the norm! This is not only helpful, but fun. I look forward to wearing my name tag, too!

    Daughter of Dona Lindsey, Cedar Home

  • Vonnie Ross August 20, 2014, 9:27 am

    Like the idea of the name tag with 3 known facts of the resident. My husband is not living here, is an outside patient. We live in an “over 60 ‘ retirement complex. They have all sorts of activities for the residents and I’m going to introduce name tag facts for everyone to wear. We”ll call them an Ice Breaker list in hopes that we find those we haven’t met that have something in common .
    Thank you…. one never knows where their words & deeds will land !

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