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Letter from Beth’s Daughter

Dear ElderHealth & Living Staff,   I cannot say enough wonderful things about ElderHealth & Living. It was a long journey to find such a place for our mother, but once we did, we all had a huge sigh of relief. Everything she needed was available in one place- from medical to social. We were [...]

Many people find it challenging to have a meaningful conversation with people with memory loss or other dementia’s, especially if you did not know the person before he/she was diagnosed with a dementia disease. ElderHealth & Living’s Memory Loss Solutions team has come up with yet another brilliant idea!   Residents and family members will [...]

Ginnie has dementia. She has long winter white hair that her caregiver’s pull back in two braids, because she likes it that way, though she can no longer see herself or her ice blue eyes in the mirror. She’s legally blind. Sometimes she doesn’t want to get out of bed. When she is up, Ginnie [...]

For adult children celebrating Father’s Day with dads who have memory loss, it’s important to acknowledge your own memories and honor your feelings. It is also critical, for you and your father who has memory loss, to be prepared for the likeliness that your parent may not remember his history as well as you do. [...]