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Animal Therapy: Buddy the Miniature Horse

EHL Resident during animal therapyWe have a new pet therapist on campus! Vickie Fowler, ElderHealth & Living’s resident hair stylist and her miniature foal quarter horse, Buddy, visited our residential homes for the first time over the holidays. Buddy was decked out like a little Santa and made us melt! He greeted our elderly residents by nudging their hands with his nose and gently placed his head into the laps of those in wheelchairs. Everyone has fun and loves having Buddy around but, also the interaction with animals has positive benefits for the residents’ health and wellness.

EHL’s pet therapy program can help reduce depression and anxiety, which is common in those who are suffering from memory loss. The hands-on interactions our residents have with animals, helps to relieve their stress, increase their mental alertness, and encourage them to socialize more with others. The unconditional love of an animal brings big smiles and laughter to many of our residents here at ElderHealth & Living.

Thank you, Vickie for bringing Buddy to visit. We are excited for his return on January 22nd and encourage families to come meet Buddy!

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  • Lydia Senter November 26, 2013, 7:10 pm

    I am Vickys mother, I am so proud of her, I went with her when she first started taking Buddy to visit Elder Health, & Living, it is so nice to see how the residents enjoyed him.

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