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Active Residents = Healthy Residents

Mary Lee Nash and Helen Furlong folding laundry at Cascade HomeOne of our goals at ElderHealth & Living is making sure residents feel they are a part of their home. To accomplish this goal, our staff encourages all residents to stay active by assisting with basic household tasks, such as cleaning up after meals, doing dishes, sweeping, folding laundry and, helping with the recycling.

Many of our residents, including the ladies at the Cascade Home, love helping out! Wanda Drake is very thorough when she sweeps after meals. She does her best to get every crumb! Mary Lee Nash and Helen Furlong both enjoy helping fold laundry.

These basic tasks help our residents feel like a member of the household, improving their self-esteem, feeling of self-worth and maintaining their strength. Keeping residents physically active and mentally focused helps simulate brain function. We advocate social interaction which can help reduce stress and keep residents smiling.

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